SPRINT (Single Particle Reconstruction In No Time) is a program which can automatically process micrographs, extract particle images, and compute 3D density map of icosahedral virus to its best possible resolution while (or after) cryoEM data acquisition is on-going at the same time. Running this program is very easy and requires minimum user input at the beginning. First, user needs to start the cryoEM data acquisition session, or all the cryoEM micrographs are already available on phage cluster. Then, user needs to create a project directory in phage cluster. Thirdly, in this directory, run the sprint program by typing “sprint”. The program will ask a series of questions, you can answer one by one:

1) please enter the dir where the micrographs are:

2) this is leginon (mrc)(default) or manual data in dm3 (m) or pif (p)?

3) please enter the pixel size

4) please enter the voltage in K

5) please enter the cs

6) Enter particle radius (in pixels):

The sprint program will then process the available micrographs one by one. Once the total number of boxed images reach 150, the random model procedure will start. After the best random model is available, the model refinement procedure (auto3dem) will start and the resolution of the density map will get improved as more and more images are integrated into the computation.