Rawtransferd is a daemon server running in background on the server borg. It is responsible for monitoring the directory on the K2 computer where the frames are saved by default by Leginon, and to transfer them to borg. Each time a new stack of frames is found, the program interrogates the Leginon database, and if the stack is linked to a session, then the file is renamed according to that session and transferred.

In order to control or to check the program, you need to log in to borg. This can be done by ssh, but only from a computer inside the campus

ssh borg

Log file

You can verify the activity of the program by inspecting the file


after logging in to the server borg.

How to control the program

If you observe that during an acquisition the frames are not removed from the K2 computer, then you can login to borg and check the status of the program. Here below are the basic commands to control the program.

Check the status of the program

sudo service rawtrasferd status

Stop the program

sudo service rawtrasferd stop

Start the program

sudo service rawtrasferd start

Restart the program

sudo service rawtrasferd restart


The setup of the program is done through a configuration file that is automatically loaded each time the program is restarted. The configuration is by default


If you need to change the setup, modify the configuration file and restart the program.

Below is the current content of the file

# program name and path

# method to transfer (rsync or mv, optional, default: rsync on Linux, mv on Windows)

# directory to monitor

# check interval, in seconds

# camera computer hostname in leginonDB

# specific head destination frame path to transfer
# if multiple frame transfer is run for one source to frame path
# not all mounted on the same computer (optional)

# transfer a copy of correspoding gain reference along with frames
# (TRUE or FALSE, optional, default: TRUE)

# debug mode, i.e. do not remove original frames
# (TRUE or FALSE, optional, default: FALSE)