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-IHRSR++ is a user-friendly extension to Ed Egelman'​s Iterative Helical Real Space Reconstruction (IHRSR) software. 
-It includes all of the original IHRSR functionality plus the capabilities to determine out-of-plane tilt, apply dihedral symmetry, and automatically construct a starting model from the image data. 
-IHRSR++ also contains a number of Perl and Spider scripts for performing common preprocessing and data manipulation tasks such as power spectra calculations,​ application of CTF corrections,​ image stack generation, image centering, and tube diameter determination. 
-IHRSR++ is free software, licensed under the [[http://​www.opensource.org/​licenses/​bsd-license.php|BSD]] license. 
-**Disclaimer**:​ Although we have successfully used it for a number of reconstructions,​ it should be considered a work in progress. Owing to time constraints,​ neither the Egelman nor Baker labs are able to provide support. The software is provided purely as a convenience to those attempting helical reconstructions. ​