Library dependencies - Mac OSX

The Mac operating system does not provide by default two external libraries that are needed to run Auto3DEM, specifically the message passing library for parallel computation and the Motif library for the graphical interface. Although you can run auto3dem in serial mode, on one processor, without using graphical windows, both libraries are needed to exploit multicore architectures on current workstations and to have access to all the functionality of the program. The suggested procedure to install the software is to obtain these libraries using MacPorts. We provide an installation script that works with a default installation of the libraries from macports, using the compilers therein provided.

Installation steps (only first time)

Install XCode

XCode is a package from Apple providing the development tools, including the compilers. On the most recent versions of MAC OSX it is installed by default, while for previous versions it needs to be downloaded from the Apple website.

Install MacPorts

Follow the instructions on MacPorts for installing the ports specific to your version of Mac OSX. By default macports is installed in /opt/local/, and it does not interfere with the system libraries.

You need administrative rights for the installation of MacPorts.

Install openmpi and openmotif libraries

Install the two libraries with the following commands

sudo port install openmpi
sudo port install openmotif

Be patient because it will take some time to complete the installation. At this point you need to activate the message passing libraries and the compilers.

sudo port select --set mpi openmpi-mp-fortran
sudo port select --set gcc mp-gcc48

If everything completed successfully, you are ready to install the software. Next time you need to update the software, you don't need to repeat this procedure.